Oil Boilers

Your local OFTEC oil boiler experts covering Cheshire

Oil boilers are more efficient than gas and in most situations utilised when the area you live in is not connected to the main gas connection. They operate in a similar way to gas, providing heating and hot water via taps and radiators in your home.

At Brazendale Heating & Maintenance, we provide some of the most reliable and efficient oil boilers in the UK, from some of the UK’s most recognisable and trusted brands such as Worcester Bosch. We also service and repair a wide array of other oil boiler brands including Grant, Mistral, Firebird & Warmflow.

All our oil boilers we stock are fully ErP compliant, leaving no doubts about the efficiency of your new heating system! Enjoy increased fuel efficiency and lower running costs with a new high A-Rated oil boiler.

How do oil boilers work?

Oil boilers functionally operate in the same way as any other boiler, the oil is set alight, and a heat exchanger warms up cold water from either your mains pipe or a storage tank. The boiler then pumps the hot water through radiators within your central heating system or to your taps when hot water is required.

Operationally the big difference with oil boiler and other fuel types is that an oil fired boiler requires an external oil supply. An external storage tank holds this oil securely and requires a regular delivery once you understand how much oil your property needs for heating and hot water. There are 3 different types of oil boilers, combi, conventional and system boilers, allowing you to select the most appropriate option for your property. Oil combi boilers have their own hot water storage tank built in, as opposed to the external components required for the conventional and system boilers.

Oil boilers can sometimes, though rarely, suffer a “lockout”. This is usually caused by contaminated oil, which can be due to a damaged tank or leaving the boiler uncovered. Here at the Brazendale Heating & Maintenance our OFTEC installers are happy to help with cleaning your tank and getting your boiler back in fully working order.

What type of oil do they use?

Almost every domestic oil boiler uses kerosene or 28sec oil. This is a much cleaner burning material in comparison to other oils, and consumers might recognize 28sec oil as it’s the same oil that is used in AGA cookers.

Green alternatives are starting to develop here in the UK, but are not yet widely available. Waste feedstock could be used to create a clean vegetable oil. Consumers must consult with their boiler manufacture first to see if new oil materials are compatible.

For our environmentally concerned customers, it could be worth supplementing your existing oil boiler with a wood burner using sustainable fuel to heat your homes.